The UCL semis: Second Leg

As the road to Istanbul closes in, we’re heading down to the final acid test to see which two European giants get to face off in the ultimate showdown. With one more round to go, it is still unclear on which two teams progress with the potential of great comeback and heartbreaks as is expected from this tournament every year.

After a fuming first leg, the all-deciding second leg is to set off in a few hours, so let’s have a look into the teams with the upper hand and discuss all the thing football fans will set an eye to, from all over the world.

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Game 1: Manchester City vs PSG

After the heartbreak in Paris, the French giant surely is serious to turn things around in the second leg while playing away from home. After a much disappointing performance from the world cup winning young sensation, Kylian Mbappe, the Parisians are now set to do the impossible at the Etihad Stadium. But who is better at comebacks than Neymar himself? One of the greatest talents and the most skillful player will no way back off without giving a proper fight. However, to further disappointments, Mbappe actually might not be available for the game after facing a calf injury. The club is yet to disclose on that matter but it is only reasonable for them to wait till the very last minute to decide on the playing eleven. But should Mbappe’s absence worry PSG? The team is filled with superstar attackers, Di Maria and Icardi are only hungry for an opportunity to prove themselves.

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 Nevertheless, missing out on such a talent should still hurt them as apart from their last encounter the young French superstar was in blistering form scoring 8 goals in the tournament so far, and only second to the other prodigy, Erling Haaland, in the top scorers’ list. Furthermore, the team will not receive the services of Idrissa Gueye on being shown the red card during the last quarter of the first leg. But no matter the case the new manager Pochettino will give nothing away as he sets to make his return to England to yet again prove his mastermind.

On the other hand, winning 1-2 on away and bagging the crucial two away goals, Manchester City has been living a much simpler life. With the declaration of their Premier Title being just a few games away, the team has no serious injury concerns and has already set one foot in the finals already. The living legend Pep Guardiola is finally looking to get all that he deserves and will in no way like to miss out on a chance to finally win another UCL title after leaving Barcelona. Pep already forecasted his tactical brilliance in the second half of the first leg where his team made the astonishing comeback after being one-down within the first 15 minutes. With the added confidence of having the club legend Sergio Aguero back in form, the team currently looks inevitable and the possible winner of this season.

All in all, both teams lack no shortage of star power, and a great display of attacking football is expected from PSG. And for Pep and the citizens, they are never seen to be a defensive side no matter the situation at hand. Even with all the advantages that Man City has, football fans should get ready to see some top-class display of football all around.

Game 2: Chelsea vs Real Madrid

After a disappointing home draw for the Galacticos, Zidane, and co. now look forward to turning things around in London to get their hands on their 14th UCL title. The homecoming for Courtois and Hazard is not going to be as merry as they might have wanted it to be, as now the season’s surprise package is nothing but confident to take on the most successful European club in their backyard.

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Chelsea now looks like a more complete team under Tuchel. The English clubs, after a slow start, somehow managed to gain the upper hand going into their home and the most important game of the season. The club hasn’t won any UCL titles since 2012 and has had multiple underperforming seasons in between. After heavily spending on attacks during the last summer transfer, it is a sign of relief for the fans and the club owners that it’s all finally paying off. Their two main forwards, Pulisic and Mount, have yet again cover-up for the costly misses of Werner. However, their main man on the pitch in Madrid was N’golo Kante, whose dominance in the mid-field yet again proved what an understated player he is. If the stars align, all Chelsea needs is not to concede more than 1 as they already have a crucial away goal in Spain. It is expected for them to play defensively, mainly since the title is at stake.

But will Real Madrid back off that easily? The Spanish giants are known for such occasions and are much expected to make a clutch. Benzema being the main man in charge will surely give nothing away and finally after having their best player and skipper, Ramos, back in the squad; Real Madrid is nothing but all set to make yet another great comeback. But it will need some serious tactical change and the stepping up of young players like Vinicius and Militao, to ensure they do this right. But all faith is on the manager Zidane, who is expected to have figured something out by now.

With both teams having all at stake after what can be dubbed as an underachieving domestic season, none would like to miss their shots at European glory. The game at Stamford Bridge is set to be the biggest game of this week.


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  1. I watched the games and it was so fantastic! I really wanted PSG to win thisbuta fig final coming up!