Telegram Airdrop

Join our telegram group to get random Airdrops for community site.

Airdrop code will contain different reward as below and added into your wallet

  • Credits
  • EXP
  • Points
  • USD
  • RM

After joining our telegram, Comment below with your telegram’s @username & EMgame username, to get 10 Gems in EMGAME.

Dont know what gem are used for? Guide available here

What are these airdrop reward used for?

All these rewards are kept in your community site account and will be used in future. So keep collecting them now for future games/projects!


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  1. Hello boss… The code in telegram, when I want to claim , it’s invalid. Why like that bos?

    1. Hi torod, i cant find a user name called “Torod” in our user list , which game you are playing sir?