Just Match Game Guide

How to play “Just match” in EMGAME

  1. Register & Login in EMgame if you have not already. Be sure to register with same username as your EM88.app account and valid email to ensure smooth withdrawal.

2. To start, claim your first free random 2-digit number every Monday on “Get Number”.

2. You can claim second 2-digit number using 5 gems by clicking the “Gem” icon on top

3. On every saturday, result will be announced based of 1st Prize of Magnum’s 4D number FIRST 2 Number
*This is to ensure the result is fair and not rigged*

As example, 1st prize for this 4D is 4250, so the result for the game will be “42”

Note that the result sample here is different with other image. Even we cannot decide what number you can get.

4. If either one of your number match, you get RM prize.

5. Be sure to tap “Take winnings” OR “Try again” to end your game before every MONDAY. New set of game will start every monday. There’s a chance to lose your winning if the game refresh.

6. If you manage to match same number again 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th time in a row, you get increased prize.


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