Reality Stone

You can Switch from any Online casino to our platform by transfer your credit with 200% welcome Bonus.

How it works

  • Max RM 600 or get 200% increment of your funding. (30x T/O)
  • Just apply and submit a form here and we will contact you asap whether you are in qualification.
  • If your previous account have RM 300, make a withdrawal and deposit to our platform, and you will get extra RM 600 within 24 hours with 30x Turnover.
  • You must abandon to play at their site after the Switch.
  • This Stone can only be applied once for each member, the 2nd times application will only be rewarded 500EXP.

Alternative Feature

You get 500 EXP when you use this stone even you have no longer needed to switch your playing platform if you get awarded this Stone any time in future.