Infinity Stones

Just imagine you can do anything with this glove. you can restore half of your deposit amount which have been cheated and scammed by other Online Casino.

How to Use

Max claim is RM 2000 with 20x T/O.

For Example, Your deposit RM 3000 and win RM 5000 = RM 8000, cheated by ABC casino. You can get back RM 1500 (half of the deposit amount) and credited into your wallet (Credits). This Credits you can later transfer to official site anytime with 20x T/O.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please screenshot deposit statement page before you have been blocked by them. Always have this habit before playing in any online casino.
  • screenshot when chat with them.
  • Have their deposit account or any other way of deposit.
  • Your username should be in the screenshot or video
  • Video recording is more convincing.
  • You should not be a scammed player who in the list of blacklisted player shared among all online casino.