Inbetween Game Guide


This game does not share account & Gems with other EMgame, please register a new account using same details as EMgame.

Game Summary

Login Daily to get 1 Gem daily.
Other ways to earn gem
– Login 7 Days in total (3 Gems)
– Win 3 times in a row (3 Gems)
– Lose 3 times in a row (2 Gems)

You draw 2 cards, then 3rd card by 11.59pm. If 3rd card is INBETWEEN your 2 cards, you win points. If not, you lose percentage of your current points. Points will convert into Cash reward every monthly reset.


Important notice for first time user: When open the app for first time, please logout the guest account and register a new account. Guest account cannot cash out & will not carry over to other account.

1. Start game by “Open card” using 1 Gem , this will open 2 cards and will always be 1 value apart. Example: 3 & 5

“Possibilities” means how many unit apart.
in this, 2 & 3 is in-between of A & 4, so 2 possibility apart.

2. Spend 1 gem to redraw 2 cards (optional)

3. On every 11.59pm daily, the “redraw 2 cards” button will become “Open cards” to open your 3rd card for result.

– If 3rd card IS INBETWEEN value: You earn Point
– If 3rd card NOT INBETWEEN value: You Lose Points

Note: 3rd card will be the same for all players.

4. The points you Win & Lose are based of your result.
Below are the conditions of winning & Losing points.

5. Your points will accumulate for 1 month and reset monthly. Points will be converted into Cash(credit) for cash out.
*Inbetween cash are independent, does not mix with other games*

Points converted will based of how much point you have BEFORE reset.
This includes the additional rewards.


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