How to Use or Get GEMS

So you have check our a few of our gem guides and event mention of “GEMS”

So what is gems and how do you earn them?

Here are a few ways to earn some gem (Gems are shared among 2 games of Bingo & Justmatch)

1.Daily Check in on Bingo & Just Match Game (You can only claim either game once per day)

*You can find this section in every game’s bottom screen

2. Events & Community Events. Currently there are 2 event ongoing on our Facebook page & site

Facebook : Facebook Event
EM88: (Coming Soon)

3. Facebook random giveaway & Telegram

Follow our facebook to get notifications for free gems:
Join Telegram: (Coming Soon)

So how to use them?

Currently Gems are used for increasing your chances to win your game

For Bingo

You can buy numbers for your bingo card. Each extra number cost 10 Gems.

Tips & Info
– Numbers bought with gem will not repeat any number you have.
– Best time to buy is before end of 20th of every month to maximize your chance.

For JustMatch

You can buy 1 extra number with 5 Gems only.

Tips & Info
– You cant buy more than 1 extra number
– Numbers are only up to 0 – 99

More games info will be added when new games releases (we actually have a few more games ready) , so start collecting your gems


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