Guide in Brief

This page summary what purpose of this site in short.

Your Wallet

All Points types in your wallet page stated here clearly with the usage and purpose. Hurry up to collect it. And this is your Transaction History for every point types.

How Profit Sharing Works (Level 10)

When you come to level 10, you will be granted 1% profit sharing and percentage will be increasing while your level up to level 20, 30 40 and 50.

Free 4D betting

You can just post any 4 digit numbers and win for your Prize with RM 500 for Level 17 and above, RM 100 is below Level17. 4D Freebet is here.

Share Post to Facebook

You can get RM 100 every half year by sharing our post to Facebook daily RM 1, Cap RM 100 Every half year.

Level Up For Benefits

Level Up milestone show you what you get when your level is up. Higher level will be added from time to time, Stay tune!

Magical Items

Another version of promotion. However, magical items‘ power and reward are more than traditional promotion and those items can be kept in your bag for your best time to apply. Every month will have 1 new type of items available.

Your Have unlimited RM 30

You cannot use it yourself, but you can sell it to anyone by send them your EM88 referral link:

Mission to complete

Video record your game to challenge EM88 mission and share in your post will get extra reward.