Breakegg Game Guide

How to play “Breakegg” in EMGAME

1. Register/Login in EMgame. Register with same username as your account and valid email to ensure smooth withdrawal.

-EMgame account used for Justmatch & Bingo are shared here too.

2. You get 1 free Egg on daily login. Use 5 gem for extra egg before 20th of every month by click the “gem” on top right. There’s no limit.

3. Each egg will have random prize as below

Check full detail here: Full Percentage List
Chance list
Coin (76% Chance) : Value of 1 to 10 Coins.
RM (2% Chance) : RM10, 20, 30, 50
Extra Eggs (10% Chance): Always 2 Eggs
Boosters (10% Chance): x2 Multiplier , x3 Multiplier

*Each prize type % are separated to each individual prize*

4. Eggs broken here are shared with all players. 100 Eggs per batch, total of 3 batches (For now)

In future total batches of eggs will increase based on total player.

5. Coins determine your ranking and final prize.

Currently only top 3 will have extra prize, ranking reward range will increase in future for more players

6. Boosters multiply your next egg prize. Example, 10 coins with multiplier x3 , you get 30 coins in total. Boosters will be used afterwards.
– You can get multiple booster in consecutive, but booster cannot multiply boosters and will replaced if higher

7. RM prize are RM prize as usual, added into your wallet directly. Extra eggs lets you open more eggs. Both can be affected by boosters as well.

8. The game will reset after ALL EGGS Broken, then your gold coins will be back to zero. Boosters will be removed. RM & eggs you have are kept.


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