Bingo Game Guide

How to play “Bingo” in EMGAME

  1. Register & Login in EMgame if you have not already. Be sure to register with same username as your account and valid email to ensure smooth withdrawal.

2. Login to get your Bingo card. All player’s card number are RANDOMLY arranged. Your card will reset every new game. There is a total of TWO games per month as date below.

Game schedule
Game 1: 1st ~ 12th
Game 2: 16th ~ 27th

You can see this on “How it works” button located in bottom menu

4. You buy extra number using 10 gems by clicking the “Gem” icon on top. There is no limit of number you can buy as longest you have enough gem.
– Number cannot be bought after past 20th of every month
– Number bought will only be number you DO NOT HAVE.

3. About the numbers & How it Works
– One Free number available for claim daily after 00:00AM. (only during game period) . Everyone get the same free number.
– The number will change on the next day. Unclaimed number will be forfeited.
– It is possible for the same number to reappear.
– Each game last for 12 days, so total of 12 Free numbers.
– You can buy extra number using gems, the number are guaranteed the one you do not own.
In this demo, Numbers cannot be bought after 20th of the month

3. To gain CASH prizes from this game, you buy get all numbers in each of the colored ROW or COLUMNS
– As example below, if i manage to get number “22” i will get RM10 since i already have Number 13 in orange row

5. To WIN the game, you must clear all 7 Colored lines. When you achieve that, you will unlock the final Jackpot prize.
– Jackpot prize are a bonus prize and shared among other players who manage to reach jackpot.

6. Each game will end after 13th & 28th every month. Be sure to clear out colored lines before end of game.


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